Ypsilos is made as an observatory, hideout or chill out area. Climb the 3,5 meters high stairway to watch the view and stay there to enjoy the space. In total the Ypsilos is 5 meters high. The Ypsilos is build from recycled materials like an old fiberglass animalfood silo together with recycled wood and aluminium.



Project details

Materials: Fiberglas, metal, wood, perspex
Project: De Bouw Rotterdam, 2017
Design, construction and realisation: MUD projects
Surface: 7,5 m2
Hight: 5 m
Completion: 2017
Location in 2017: De Bouw Rotterdam and Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Photography: MUD projects, buroLab




Ypsilos, 2017 © MUD projects