Reading Pavilion

Voorleespaviljoen (literally meaning Reading Pavilion in English) is designed to function as an educational reading pavilion. It is made out of two discarded animal feeding silos. The funnel, which is the original bottom of the silo, now functions as a rainwater harvesting system. The water is used for the surrounding greenery and vegetable garden on the playground. The UFO-shaped Pavilion is made in close collaboration with architect Iris de Kievith.


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This video is made during the opening.




Project details

Materials: fiberglas, metal, wood, perspex, wool, felt.
Client: Iris de Kievith / Foundation Speeltuin de Feijenoordse Middenstip
Lokation: ‘Speeltuin De Feijenoordse Middenstip’, Persoonsdam 133, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Surface: 7,5 m2
Completion: november 2015
Design: Iris de Kievith
Structure/realisation: MUD projects
Construction: Fevzi Atceken
Wool interior design: Clara Froger Dutch Design realisation in cooperation with De Viltmannen
Photography: Marc Heeman